Bookish Club

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For the first time in my life, I set up a book club. The reason I put up my own book club is because it’s easy to make friends when you have something in common. My friends and I love to read books, that’s our common denominator and what makes our relationship mutual. We borrow books from each other and tell our interpretations about the book. Sometimes we argue but there are times as well that we passionately agree with one another.

How It was Founded?

Let me set your expectation that our book club is not as fancy as you think. Most of our members are students. And we’ll gather every weekend to hang out and read something. Dearmebooks is product of a late night conversation with friend. I invited them over for some pajama party, and we just became crazy and thought it would be a nice idea if we will create our very own book club. Next morning, a new book club was founded.

Digital Vs. Paper

Dearmebooks is flexible when it comes to our material. We like kindle and also the real book. There are pros and cons between the two but they both deliver the same results: They both allow you to read. So we don’t mind if you are techy and would like to bring your kindle or tablet. Since we are on the subject, here are the websites where you can download free pdf books:¬†FreeBookSpot
Gutenburg, Bookrix, LibriVox, and BookBoon.