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Making Your Own Wooden Bookstand


Book lovers should know this feeling – all too well. Having finished reading a book and letting everyone you know how much you loved it. However, you don’t have a bookshelf or a bookstand for it to be displayed on just yet.

So, how about making your own wooden bookstand for your favorite book to be displayed on?

Great idea!

To start off, here are some tips for you:

  • Gather the materials first. Every woodworking project needs to have the right kind of materials. Say, you’re making an oak wood bookstand. Oak wood is known for being sturdy, as well as lovely – especially if crafted with finesse and polished with shellac. You need to have the following: two oak plywood and brass hinges (depending on how long your bookstand is), pencil and paper, shellac and sandpaper, saw (recommended: band saw), drill (recommended: power drill), and stationary router (with a table and a 3/8 radius roundover).
  • Make an outline. In order for you to perfectly capture the right shape of a bookstand, you need to make an outline. Print it out (you can easily download outlines of woodworking projects over the internet), cut the printed outline with scissors, and trace the cut outline onto the oak plywood twice after with a pencil.
  • Cut the oak plywood. Carefully put the oak plywood onto the band saw. Don’t cut on the outlines themselves, though. This is for using the sandpaper later on when polishing the finished wood project. Just cut these out, still according to the outlines, but a few centimeters away from these. Be sure to have relief cuts, instead of forcing sharp cuts. Else, your saw blade will break.

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  • Rub the cut oak plywood pieces. It’s time for you to use the sandpaper! Smooth out every edge and every curve the cut oak plywood pieces have with sandpaper. Be sure to only smooth these out until the where the outlines were traces. Else, having the pieces cut a few centimeters away from the outlines will be for nothing.
  • Round the cut oak plywood pieces. This is where the stationary router comes in. After smoothing every edge and every curve of the cut oak plywood pieces, use the stationary router to cut out round edges by the curved parts of the pieces. And that’s it! You’re now a step closer to making your own wooden bookstand.
  • Rub the cut oak plywood pieces. This time, use the sandpaper to smooth out the cut round edges on the curved parts of the pieces. Just rub slowly and like you’re just massaging the oak plywood pieces. This is for you to avoid rubbing it too much and make the pieces smaller than necessary.
  • Hinge time. This is where the power drill and brass hinges do their jobs. You can choose which positions the hinges will be placed, so long as it will be placed at the longer sides (both sides) of the oak plywood pieces. Mark the hinge positions first with a pencil, drill those holes in, and attach the hinges, and drill the screws in.
  • Shellac time. You’re almost finished! All you need to do is apply shellac on your finished wood project, let it dry, rub it with sandpaper, apply shellac again, and repeat until you are satisfied with your wooden bookstand’s shiny coating.

And there you have it, your own wooden bookstand!

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