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Dearmebooks presents you the best selling authors who have earned millions of dollars through their writing. What an inspiration! If we could just transplant their brains into ours, we would definitely do it.

J. K. Rowling

She likes reading ever since she was a child. There was one instance where was billed $50 for borrowing too many books in the library. She wrote Harry Potter during her darkest days. Her former lover left her with a daughter and writing is the tool she used to make a living. J. K. Rowling is now worth millions.

Harold Rubin

A college drop out yet one of the world’s loved author, Harold Rubin. He was known for Never Love a Stranger, The Dream Merchants, and The Carpetbaggers. He died in 1997 due to respiratory failure. Despite his death, the books he wrote are considered the best books written in history.

George R.R. Martin

Oh yes, Game of Thrones. The hottest series today. We like Game of Thrones because it is very detailed. We wonder sometimes what’s going on with Mr. Martin’s mind. He created a different world of his own. And that’s what we want in a writer.

Stephen King

Bookworms kno Stephen King very well. He has a great portfolio to show us. His books were turned into movies such as Shaw shank Redemption and Rita Hayworth. His formula for great writing is read books six hours a day. I think I can manage that.

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